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Choosing a Settlement Agent?

Property owners have many choices to make as they prepare their property for sale or while choosing their new investment or dream. A conveyancer is a professional who can help you smooth the transfer of title process, pick up any items you should query with the other party and save you unnecessary costs due to a misunderstanding.

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Latest News

What’s going on? Here are some latest news around conveyancing matters.

20 Nov, 2023

I have doubts about this property

By AICWA member Goldfields Settlements Often, we receive phone calls that go something like: “We’ve found a house but we don’t know if: a crack in a wall/the watermarks on the ceiling/the bouncy floor/etc/etc are a problem” The first point is to reiterate the comments in our previous blogs “Whoever owns the property owns the […]

24 Oct, 2023

I have a Major Structural Defect

By Houspect, proud partner of the AICWA and respected WA Building Inspectors.  Major Structural Defects – What to do when the REIWA Pre Purchase Building Inspection Annexure has been used 1. BACKGROUND In WA Pre Purchase Building Inspections on residential properties are generally undertaken as a result of a REIWA Purchase Contract where the Standard […]

16 Oct, 2023

Understanding Illegal Building in Perth 3 Key Considerations for Home Buyers

By Justine Gavranich AICWA member and licensee at Mosaic Settlements  Illegal building, encompassing unapproved additions or modifications to a property, presents significant financial and legal risks to potential property buyers in Perth. Roughly 30% of building assessments in Perth uncover various forms of illegal construction, underscoring its prevalence in the local real estate market. To […]

What are the benefits of using an AICWA Member?

An AICWA member is either a Western Australian licensed settlement agent or qualified legal practitioner who specialises in transferring property and as such is up to date with all the changes to legislation and procedures that may affect your conveyancing transaction. You can rely on AICWA member to get the job done!

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What is

A typical conveyancing transaction comprises the entering into a contract for the sale of land (through the signing of an offer and acceptance by the buyer and seller), financial settlement (exchange of money and documents) and registration of the transfer and other documents onto the Register of Land Ownership held by Landgate.

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