A settlement agent is a property professional trained to provide a service to buyers and sellers of property in WA.

Buying or selling a property but not sure how to choose a settlement agent?

Our simple and fast Find A Settlement Agent search helps you connect with local agents who are close to where you live or where you are buying or selling. But you are not limited to choosing a settlement agent based on location, AICWA member Settlement Agents operate across Western Australia and can manage your next property settlement irrespective of where you live.
Whether you are buying or selling we recommend you choose a settlement agent who operates in Western Australia for the simple fact that they have the local knowledge for transferring property in Western Australia. And we might be a little biased but if that settlement agent isn’t an AICWA member then you are missing out on a Settlement Agent that truly cares about their professional development and keeping up with changes that matter to a successful settlement.

Do I have to choose a Settlement Agent recommended to me by a Real-estate Agent?

No. You have the right to choose your own Settlement Agent and more importantly you have the right to do so before you sign a contract for the purchase of the property. If you unsure of what you are signing or want advice on what conditions to include speak to a Settlement Agent first.

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