24 Oct, 2023

I have a Major Structural Defect

By Houspect, proud partner of the AICWA and respected WA Building Inspectors.  Major Structural Defects – What to do when the REIWA Pre Purchase Building Inspection Annexure has been used 1. BACKGROUND In WA Pre Purchase Building Inspections on residential properties are generally undertaken as a result of a REIWA Purchase Contract where the Standard […]

12 Jun, 2023

Good Working Order Clause Tips for buyers

By Sharon Stenhouse, AICWA member and licensee at Stenhouse Settlement Services    You can imagine the situation: you buy a house, get your keys, and move all of your things in only to find that the air conditioning is faulty, a toilet doesn’t flush, or there is a leak below the kitchen sink. Your dream […]

12 Jun, 2023

Get it right before you sign Tips for buyers

By Paul Browning, AICWA member and licensee at Goldfields Settlements Often we are confronted by clients who either don’t want to proceed with a property purchase or sale, want to change the terms of the deal, or want the other party to do something the contract doesn’t require them to do. It’s at this point […]

31 Aug, 2022

If it ain’t nailed down

They say you can’t take it with you when you die, but how about when you move? Some say that if it ain’t nailed down it’s yours to take, but is this true? What’s the general rule on what you can and can’t take? Section 9 of the REIWA Joint from of General Conditions talks […]

30 Jul, 2022

Selling is no laughing matter

Ever wondered why there are so many differing opinions on what your property is worth? This mystery can best be explained in a short little story that goes a little like this… A real estate agent, a banker and a valuer walk into a bar…The bartender, having served a few agents in his time, instantly […]